Giant Wild Goose Pagoda/Small Wild Goose Pagoda〜Sand-colored Silk Road. Headed West.

The distant sand-colored road connecting to romanticism is veiled in a cloudy atmosphere particular to a large continent, disappears toward the west.


It has been a few days since I returned from Shaanxi and Xi’an. My thoughts sometimes go back to the westward view I had from the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.
Beyond that extraordinary road lies, yes, romanticism. Indeed, there will be “Rome”.


Somewhat less historically significant than the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. I get the feeling that this one would be more picturesque as a mirage in the desert.


Either one.
This is the entrance to the Silk Road.
After travelling 1,000 kms and even 2,000 kms, there and back,
I wonder which mirage the travelers saw.